17.02.2014 18:58:00

Our 3 children Samba, Absa and Fatou arrived in Berlin and will have surgery in the coming days and weeks.
The treatment costs are covered by "A Heart for Children". Besid this we have to pay for additional cost of care, shelter, clothing, transportation and food for their stay.


Please donate to the account of SAGE Hospital e.V.:
Berliner Volksbank
Kto. 718 97 66 003
BLZ 100 900 00

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18.02.2014 18:52:00

Lill' Samba, Fatou and Absa will be coming to Berlin to receive the medical aid they desperately need.

1. Lill' Samba will get surgery and hopefully a new oesophagus

2. Absa seems to have the seldom sickness called: "glass-bone desease"

3. Fatou got badly burnt while helping in the kitchen

SAGE Hospital will be bringing the children to Berlin in 2 weeks approx.

It would be fantastic if someone had a KID'S WHEELCHAIR FOR Absa's transport (her bones are terribly fragile)

Thank you "Ein für Kinder" for taking in charge ALL the medical costs and transport for the 3 chlildren . Nothing would have been possible without their support!

Thank you to doctors of the HELIOS Klinik in Buch and the Unfallklinik für Schwerverbrannten in Marzahn, who will take care of the children for an unbeatable humanitarian price.

The surgeons are operating the children for FREE - we are overwhelmed.

Our 3 Angels will be staying for a few monts in Berlin.

SAGE Hospital is now calling - we will again NEED YOUR SUPPORT for any extra cost during their stay in Berlin but also for their return back home to Senegal after their reconvalecence.

We would appreciate any donation for our 3 Angels and their families on our SAGE Hospital e.V. account:

Berliner Volksbank
Kto. 718 97 66 003
BLZ 100 900 00

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20.06.2014 22:26:00

L’hôpital pour les enfants Sage Hospital se situe deux heures de route au sud de Dakar au Sénégal, sur la côte ouest-africaine.

Sur l’initiative de Cynthia Clottey et de Katharina von Ballestrem, le bâtiment est reconstruit et agrandi par l’ONG Sage Hospital e.V. qui assure depuis 2003 le fonctionnement de l’hôpital. Le fonctionnement de l’hôpital est rendu possible par le soutien de donateurs privés d’une part, et, grâce au parrainage de l’hôpital par la discothèque Sage Club Berlin d’autre part, qui organise régulièrement des soirées dont les recettes sont au profit de Sage Hospital.

Tous les participants au projet travaillent bénévolement sans aucun dédommagement financier.

Chaque don est une aide précieuse pour l’hôpital qui actuellement procure des soins quelque 700 patients tous les mois.


Nous espérons que ce site internet vous permettra de voir vivre ce projet et vous donnera la possibilité de vous informer des progrès accomplis.

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